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The Fun Way To Fitness - With Friends By Your Side!

If you lack the motivation to workout by yourself, then Group Fit is for you. Create your own workout group with friends and book a specialized trainer anytime, anywhere!

Your Group. Your Trainer. Your Place.

Get Fit with Group Fit

No matter the form of exercise, the Group Fit app allows you to hire specialized trainers and train with your own group of friends. Your workouts will never be more enjoyable or productive!

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Step Formula to Fitness

Variety of Activities

Never get bored. Get results with effective workouts as per your needs

Martial Arts
Strength & Conditioning
Mind-Body Practices
Cardio and Endurance
Racquet Sports
Team Sports
Individual Sports
Tae-Kwon Do

Get Together,
Get Fit with Group Fit

Kickstart your fitness transformation with us. Join the movement.

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